OpenKart takes the health and safety of our customers seriously. We adopt an approach to ensure buyers and sellers trade safely to minimise the spread of COVID-19. When trading in Openkart it is important to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines below as per different states in Australia.

Important COVID-19 information for buyers and sellers to follow while trading at Openkart.

Covid safety

1. If you are feeling unwell it is best to get tested and avoid any trading reschedule until you feel well enough to trade

Covid safety

2. Always wash your hands thoroughly for 20 sec with soap and water before and after making a transaction.

covid safety

3. Ensure equipment’s are cleaned and sanitized before buyer picks up any goods, for more information on equipment sanitization visit Cleaning | Safe Work Australia(

4. Always ensure a physical safe distance of 1.5M and adhering to density limits.

5. In Order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, It is recommended to wear a mask while trading.