Openkart has policies to ensure the marketplace is safe for trading.

Last updated June 2022

Counterfeit products policies

Counterfeits are illegal and not allowed on openkart Some of the counterfeit’s examples might include; handbag brands, sneakers, clothing, accessories, perfumes, electronics, Unauthorised copies of music and movies, software.

Posting guidelines to follow for seller’s

Take clear and original photos of items

Do not post pixelated or blurry photos

Do not post unauthenticated items

Include as much information as possible of the item e.g. packaging, duration

Counterfeits buyer guide

Ask for an original receipt before purchase

If it looks too good to be true it’s probably is

Ask as many questions as possible before buying

Report Counterfeits helpful link

Stolen goods policies

It is an offence by law to sell any stolen or burglary items on openkart. Openkart will work with law enforcements to curb any attempts of selling stolen goods. Some examples of stolen goods could be; stolen tools,

Guidelines to follow for buyer

If you feel rushed to purchase an item it’s probably stolen

Harassment and repetitive calls to make quick sale

Report any stolen goods to law enforcements immediately

Alcoholic Beverages policies

No sell of Alcoholic drinks is permitted on openkart. Any listings of alcohol will be deleted without any further notice. Examples of alcoholic drinks includes beer, spirits, cocktails, wine and other beverages.

Blood and Human body parts polices

We do not accept the sale of human parts at openkart. Some examples may include products made from human parts, human blood, substances derived from human parts.

It is important to keep up to date with policies to ensure government regulations are followed.

Electronic Surveillance Equipment polices

To comply with regulations and to protect the safety and privacy of our members, most electrical equipment used to receive and transmit signals for surveillance are not allowed. Some examples include mobile phone unlocking codes, telecommunication numbers.

More information is available on this link https//

Cigarettes and Tobacco policies

Any items containing tobacco are not allowed to be sold on our website. Examples of cigarettes and tobacco products are; viper, E-cigarettes, cigars, cannabis, waterpipes, cigarette rollers

More information is available on this link https//

Protected and Endangered species

It is important we protect our environment and endangered species. Openkart does not allow the sell of endangered animal or protected species. Examples of endangered species may include; koalas, pygmy-possum

More information is available on this link

Prostitutions and Adult items policies

Prostitution and sexual items are completely prohibited on openkart. Examples include; Escort services, sexual favours, sexual actions, sexual services, pornography, phonographic materials, memberships for adult entertainment.

Explosives materials policies

Explosives such as toxic materials, radioactive, fireworks, explosive powder. Nitrogen oxide materials such bulbs, nags are also not to be sold on openkart.

Government/military items policies

Any form of government forms, badges, Id’s, military uniforms, Items designed or modified for military or defence purposes these includes intellectual property like software’s.

Personal Information policies

Personal information is strictly prohibited to be sold on openkart. Information such as personal statements, personal contacts like emails, phone numbers, personal identity documents, social media items such as “likes”,” followers” or “accounts”, financial records that sell unsolicited contacts.

Illegal Drugs policies

Any sale of drugs violates the law, the sale of any type of drugs is prohibited on openkart. Drugs such as over the counter drugs, controlled substances, illegal substances such as narcotics, steroids, accessories intended to make drugs are not permitted. No needles to be sold.

For more information of other substances listed visit

Illegal items policies

Items such as Illegal electrical and telecommunication equipment are not to be sold on openkart.

Lottery ticket policies

Lottery tickets, game pieces, sweepstakes, any raffles or similar items are not allowed to be sold on openkart. Any of these items found to be sold will be deleted without warning.

Child protection policy

Any images depicting minors (under the age of 18) in a compromising position including nudity are not allowed. These includes any images of sexual nature towards children or any other offensive photos.

Copyright polices

Items sold using a brand name or brand logo must be original and made by the brand or manufactured on their behalf. Materials that infringe copyright will not be allowed to be sold.

Adult items policies

Adult items such as sex toys, pornographic material, digitally delivered adult contents, services implying sexual or adult activity, membership for adult only services are prohibited from openkart.

Supplement and prescription drugs policies

Prescription and non preset drugs, any supplements are not to be sold on openkart. supplements, any form of steroids.

Pesticides and fertilisers policy

Due to the safety and health risk pesticides can cause, we do not allow the sale of any fertilisers and pesticides on our website. Some examples may include; Dusban 50 W

Plants and seeds policy

Due to the high-risk seeds and plants can impose to Australia, we do not allow the sale of any seeds, plants or any form of insects on our website. Examples are, endangered plants, plants and seeds located outside Australia due to import restrictions for more information of restricted plants and seeds check out useful links like

Banned/recall products policy

In order to prevent exchange of unsafe goods, we recommend our buyers to check out the list of banned products on 

Stocks and Crypto policy

Any cryptocurrencies example Bitcoin, Ethereum, usd coin, Dogecoin are not allowed. Due to the regulations on stocks and other security interests the sale of stocks cannot be done on our website. Examples can include share certificates.

Used Cosmetics/clothes policy

Used socks, underwear, are not allowed on openkart due to hygiene reasons. Examples include panties, g- strings, boxer shorts.

Used clothing examples shirts, jackets, trousers must be properly cleaned and include a description on the condition of the garment with clear photos.

Other used items that are not allowed include used batteries as they contain mercury and small batteries as they are choking hazard to young children.

Firearms and ammunition policy

Firearms can’t be listed on openkart due laws banning the sale of these items. Example of these restricted items include guns, tasters, teargas, knives, bows and arrows, pepper spray, bullets, gun accessories which include; gun parts, trigger assembles, assault weapons.

Animal policy

Animal parts and endangered animals cannot be sold on openkart. Examples can include animal parts, animal skin parts, ivory. Animal traps are not allowed which include mice glue traps, shock collars

Covid 19 items policy

Items such as masks for children under the age of 2 due to choking hazard, PPE disposable gowns and gloves, Antigen tests, toilet papers, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitisers and gels, surgical masks.